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[series] Inheritance Cycle: Inheritance
{Tiana} make a wish
the_edjucator wrote in reference_room
Inheritance Cycle: Inheritance
By Christopher Paolini


The Varden is quickly pulling together the last of their resources and the few cities still under Galbatorix's control before marching off towards the final battle.  Eragon and Saphira have much training left to do and a final task to complete before they can stand at least a little bit of a chance to end all this.  Roran has to face his new responsibilities while others face the grim reality of their situation.  The final battle for Alagaesia is under way!


I just finished this book and I had to post this while everything was still fresh in my mind.  There is a lot of stuff Paolini covers in his novels and Inheritance was no exception.  It seemed almost like there was too much but you know your author is going to treat you right when there's a little over 100 pages where everything gets settled before you get to The End.  A lot of people bemoaned the seemingly unimportant filler of giving every little detail of these characters' actions, thoughts, feelings, and surroundings but in Inheritance you are thankful for it.  Reflecting on the series as a whole you see just how much Eragon and Saphira grew and stepped into their roles.  Some awesome people were killed and still cooler people surprised you in wonderful ways.  Eragon and Saphira's story ended almost the way you wanted it to but still didn't disappoint.  It'll be really interesting to see what Paolini writes next, be it more about this wonderfully rich world he has created or something entirely new.


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