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The Reference Room

reviews of published fictional novels

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Welcome to the reference_room

What is the reference_room?

This is basically where I write a review, commentary, crit, etc. on books. reference_room is strictly for fiction and includes titles for adults, teens, and children. Hopefully there will be something you've considered checking out and this place can help! Or, maybe you've read a few of my entries and think there's a book I might want to take a look at. Please feel free to pass the title my way as I'm always looking for a new author or a good story!

A secondary function reference_room serves is as a catalog for myself, so don't be too put off about some of the information I post with each review, please!

For a list of the books I intend on posting about, please check out my book list.

What's the latest book on the list?

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

What's next on the list?

Hunger by Michael Grant

For reviews on non-fiction books, please check out historicism! For reviews on DVDs, games, and other electronic media check out p_a_system.