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[novel] The Woman in Black
{Sho} muse
the_edjucator wrote in reference_room
The Woman in Black
By Susan Hill


Arthur Kipps is sent by the lawyer he is studying under to attend to the affairs of a recently deceased client.  While in the frigid, marshy town of Crythin Gifford he attends the client's funeral Kipps spies a woman in black lingering on the peripherals of the lonely service.  Any time he attempts to discuss the sighting with others he is met with silence.  He dares to spend a night in the house of the client and encounters bizarre sounds, haunting images in the early hours, and chilling screams of a young child.  The woman in black means something but no one is forthcoming with information so Kipps must find out for himself.


Hill comes forth with a lot of excellent writing in this novella.  However, if you're looking for a chilling book then this is not what you'll want to read.  I totally gasped at some points and really, she's a good writer, but as a horror/mystery story it fell through in a lot of places.


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