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[novel] The Book Thief
{Jun} on sunday
the_edjucator wrote in reference_room
The Book Thief
By Markus Zusak


Death knows more about the human condition than you know.  Death is not harsh and capable of his own thoughts and feelings, but he does have a job to do that no one else can do.  During wars especially he is busy most markedly during the second World War.  Even though he didn't carry the soul of the Book Thief during the war he did meet her on three remarkable occasions and through those encounters was able to piece together her story.


The legacy of WWII is that of images of Adolph Hitler overseeing rows of soldiers goose stepping down roads, the ghostly faces of Holocaust victims, and stoic Japanese faces our modern feelings towards the people can't fathom belied monsters capable of horrific acts rivialing the terrors of Europe.  What few people know or care to even hear is that many Germans citizens were against the ideologies of Nazism.  Fear of the unknown is what made them complacent since those who openly rebelled were never seen from again.  What Zusak has done is shown a group of people who rebelled in a quiet way.  Not just against the atrocities towards the Jewish population but the political ideology of National Socialism.  The Book Thief is going to be read in the future as one of those books about the war that teaches the universal message of standing up for what is right but hopefully will get readers to ask themselves will they do it quietly or loudly?


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