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[series] The Maze Runner: The Death Cure
{IkutaToma} make the escape
the_edjucator wrote in reference_room
The Maze Runner: The Death Cure
by James Dashner


They toyed with them in the maze then they set them against the harshest of elements in the trials.  Thomas has had enough.  This time he takes measures into his own hands and breaks out of WICKED to find answers on the outside.  What he finds is more horrifying than he could have ever imagined and makes him second guess everthing except for one thing: WICKED is definitely not good.


I've been looking forward to this conclusion to the series for all of summer.  Seriously, it was really well done and a lot of points were addressed leaving me wanting more, honestly.  Some things didn't get answered but as far as conclusions go... I'll take this one.  I got the copy through B&N so I had all those extra pages of information that came with the edition and... wow.  I bet I'll find the book more enjoyable after rereading the entire series back to back but it was a very nice ending.


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