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[series] Gone: Plague
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the_edjucator wrote in reference_room
Gone: Plague
by Michael Grant


The kids have been dealt a devastating blow with the loss of a key member of their community.  Now a strange flu-like virus is spreading with a cough that literally kills.  A routine meeting brings to light a strange addition to the FAYZ that eerily shows the Darkness' increasing power fatal to the kids.  On top of that, there is still discontent among the Perdido Beach kids over who is in charge.  Add in the fact they're quickly running out of water and the answer is surprisingly simple - they need to relocate.  Where can they go trapped behind the wall?  Will there even be enough of them left over to head towards greener pasteurs?


There was non-stop action in this book and the bugs (ew, you know what I mean if you've read it/are reading it) completely creep me out.  A lot more information comes or way and each of our main characters have some new moral issue to deal with - fantastic!  The character keep growing, the overall plot thickens, and... really, will they ever get out?  I don't know.  Two books left in the series and April cannot come here fast enough for the fifth book!


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