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[series] Gone: Lies
{Aiba} magic
the_edjucator wrote in reference_room
Gone: Lies
by Michael Grant


Things are starting to look better.  The kids are realizing they need to actually put in the time and effort to find food, manage each other, and work hard to improve life in the FAYZ.  Unfortunately, secret keeping is running rampant among those in charge.  Relationships and loyalties will be tested as new information comes to light and the Darkness starts stirring again.  In the FAYZ, keeping a secret can prove fatal but what will it take for them to realize it?


Shorter than the first two in the series, this constant exchange of power is a very interesting one that Grant keeps using.  Relationships improve while others fall apart and then the Coates kids come in and of course everything goes haywire.  The best part is that there is further growth in the characters on the fringe of being in charge.  This book was really gripping.


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