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[series] Gone: Hunger
{Atobe} be awed
the_edjucator wrote in reference_room
Gone: Hunger
by Michael Grant


Months after the big battle between Sam and Caine food begins to run out.  Sam is over stressed in Perdido Beach having to deal with every little dispute among the over 300 kids in town.  At Coates, there is a new power struggle as Caine recovers from his run in with the Darkness.  Drake is impatient to start running things his way but Diana keeps thwarting his attempts by maintaining Caine's status as number one.  All the houses are empty, the grocery store is critically low on supplies, and there are mysterious worms guarding what little crops are out in the fields.  To top it all off, the Darkness is continuing its plots but will all its pawns die from starvation first?


Hunger went a bit slower than Gone did but there was a lot of ground to cover in the second installment of this series to move on to the rest.  The whole running out of food that the kids are used to was one of my biggest concerns.  It was nice to see some kids stepping up and figured to see others not quite there yet.


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